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Bulls, buckin’ broncs and belt buckles

A column by Assistant Sports Editor Amy Eddings

Published (Volume 76, No. 29)

Rodeo weekend kicked off last night in the Ag Pavilion, and since I have this undying love for cowboys…I mean the rodeo, Joe has so graciously allowed me to talk about it for a few lines this week. (Don’t worry, Joe, the black eye is hardly noticeable.)

Everyone up here in the office has been laughing at me because as I’m typing this, I’m wearing a UTM Rodeo t-shirt AND a UTM Rodeo trucker’s hat. What? I love rodeos. Bite me.
If you’ve never made it out to one before, I highly suggest you go. How often do you get to see a 1300 pound bull fall on it’s back, just barely missing crushing it’s rider?

It really doesn’t get more exciting than that. Seriously. A guy escaping death by rolling….how do you top that?

Rodeo is one of the sports that UTM excels in. So for all of those people out there who gripe and moan about not going to support Skyhawk athletics because they don’t win, shut up and get out there. You have no excuse this time.

Both the men and women’s teams are number one in the Ozark Region. The women are ranked 14th in the nation.  The men’s team is ranked third. THIRD! All I have to say to that is: WOW. Who knew!

Showing how they’ve earned that ranking, Skyhawk bull rider Curtis Griffin, who’s in the picture on the left, took last night’s event with a score in the upper 70’s.

For those of you who don’t know, bull riding is scored by two judges on a scale from 1-50, and the two scores are added together, but only if the rider stays on for the eight second

If bull riding’s not your cup of tea like it is mine (there’s something about the mixture of bravery and insanity that bull riders possess that really makes me admire them), other events include bareback and saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, calf roping and team roping for the men.

The women compete in goat tying, barrel racing, and break away roping.

On top of all the rodeo excitement, they’re also giving away a lot of stuff. And by a lot of stuff, I mean a truck.

There’s a chance to win a brand new Dodge Ram pick-up. If that’s not worth your time…I don’t know what is. MTD also donated a lawn mower that’s going to be given away, and a Darty Trailer will be raffled off.

So, like I always say, get out there and support Skyhawk athletics!

Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Up!