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BSA, SAC sponsors ‘Laugh Your You Know What Off’ comedy show

Published (Volume 75, No. 8)

Ms. Sylvia from BET Comic View was the M.C. last night at the Laugh Your You Know What Off comedy show.

She opened the show with crazy jokes that made the audience go wild. After having a little of the spotlight to herself, she eventually introduced one of BET’s comedians, Joe Clair.

The audience was laughing from the time he began telling jokes until the time he ended. He told jokes about television shows such as Good Times, The Jeffersons, Cheers, and the Looney Tunes. Before long, the entire audience was singing the Cheers theme song.

Clair also told jokes about Osama Bin Laden, black people and white people. He told a couple of “yo mama” jokes to an audience member who kept bursting out comments. He also discussed a wide variety of topics.

When Clair finished, the audience was filled with tears and uncontrollable laughter.

“Joe Clair was very hilarious. Overall, he had a variety of things to appeal to the audience,” said SGA vice president, Nikki Draper, a junior Political Science major from Chattanooga. “He was intellectual and funny at the same time. He appealed to a very diverse crowd, and he had his stuff together.”

“He is the best comedian we have had this year, and I would love to see him again,” said Courtney Miller, a senior Finance major from Selmer.

The Laugh Your You Know What Off Comedy show featuring Joe Clair and Ms. Sylvia was sponsored by the SAC and the BSA.