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Boy Meets Boy breaks ground as premiere gay reality dating series

Published (Volume 76, No. 3)

Boy Meets Boy, a new reality dating series, breaks down the stereotypes between the gay and straight male image.

The show, which airs on Bravo, is television’s first gay dating series. James, the leading man, has to choose between 15 men to take on a trip to New Zealand with him.

When left to choose between three men, James and his best friend Andra learn about the secret twist of the show: some of the men are actually straight.

“It’s not easy to fit in when you have to pretend to be something you’re not,” said Dan.

The irony is that the gay men don’t know about the straight men and the straight men don’t know who the other straight men are.

“I really learned that you have no idea who is and who isn’t [gay], and it really doesn’t matter.,” said Brian A. “Love everyone for who they are.”

Between the three men left (Wes, Franklin and Brian), one is actually straight. If James happens to choose the one straight guy at the end, the guy would leave the show with $25,000.

“A part of me is welling up with fear,” said James, the leading man. “What if, after all is said and done, I pick somebody who is playing a game?”

With a few hours left before the final selection ceremony, the three men prepare to meet James one last time and get ready for either rejection or acceptance.

“If I were to pick the straight guy, I think my world would just come crashing down,” said James.

Brian comes out to meet James first and ends up being eliminated because James doesn’t want to hurt him.

Franklin is the next to see James and is also eliminated. James chose Franklin to be the straight guy of the group and was correct in his choice.

“There is so much that we, as gay men, have to fight against already ... the fear that we can be infiltrated for another goal in something that we thought was just about love, hurts,” said James to Franklin after hearing his reasons for coming on the show.

Last to come out was Wes, who ended up being chosen by James as his companion to New Zealand.

“When I found out the guys that I thought were gay were actually straight, at first you feel deceived, you feel angry ... then you realize they’re good people,” said Wes. “What’s changed? Just their sexuality. And that’s a lesson I hope everyone gets from this.”

To see repeats of the series, visit www.bravotv.com and check for local listings.