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Being a follower of Christ is not a bad thing

Letter to the Editor

Published (Volume 76, No. 30)

Dear Editor:

Alright Mr. Argo, you have done it again. Yet another post that shows a complete lack of thought and your lack of knowledge.

If you truly remember the Christian teachings, then you will know that peace in the Middle East will come before the return of Jesus Christ. It will actually be achieved by the Anti-Christ.

Also I would like to ask you to stop portraying Christians in such a negative light. I happen to be a Christian and I would appreciate it if you did not call non-Christians “brain-dead.”

Do you really think that is the best way to convince them that your ideas are correct? Christianity is based on love for you neighbors, no matter what religion they are.

I may not be the most Holy Christian on this campus, but at least I am not “holier than thou.” Do you really think that Jesus would have acted in the way you did?

The key to Christianity is following the teachings and practices of Jesus, not insulting those who disagree with you.

If you are going to respond to this, please make sense this time.

Jared A. Walters is a junior Communications major from Bethel Springs.