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Angry student complains about Computer Center “professionals” and privacy issues

Published (Volume 76, No. 4)

What do you do when it has been revealed that you’re breaking the rules?  Change the rules!  If you’re Computer Services, you can do that sort of thing.  Just change the User Agreement to say that by hooking up to UTM’s network, you consent to Computer Services employees doing absolutely anything to your computer that they deem necessary, and you don’t even have to be there while they do it.  If we don’t agree to this invasion of our private property - thereby foregoing internet service - will our dorm or apartment rent be any less?  Of course not!

One article gave the dates and times during which we could have the so-called “professionals” employed by Computer Services clean up our computers.  Professionals?  Don’t make me laugh.  Someone who was sent to my dorm room my freshman year to try to fix an e-mail problem couldn’t even find the control panel in Windows XP.  Professional indeed. 
Now, assuming there are a handful of people at Computer Services who know their head from a hole in the ground, imagine for a moment such an employee who has a grudge against another student and knows where the student lives.  That employee can now delete documents and cause various other damages and blame it on the worm/virus.  Without detailed records of who visited which rooms, there wouldn’t even be any proof of who was there at the time. 

So what if a resident assistant is present? How many RAs would really know what they were looking at if someone deleted the boot.ini file?  Any RA who does know that much should apply for a job with Computer Services.  They need you!
One final question: In regards to professors living off-campus who dial into the UTM network, do they have to supply Computer Services with a key to their house?  Just food for thought.

Bevin Watson is a Human Learning K-8 major from Clarksville.