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Alpha Tau Omega and Chi Omega win first in pyramid

Published (Volume 76, No. 8)

Erika Jacobsen
Staff Writer

The 2003 Pyramid competition took place at 9 p.m., Friday, Oct. 3 in the Tom and Kathy Elam Center. 

The first place winners were Chi Omega for the sorority division and Alpha Tau Omega in the fraternity division.  First runners up were the Pi Kappa Alpha and the Alpha Omicron Pi. The second runner up for the fraternity division was Alpha Gamma Rho. Best of show went to the Chi Omegas and the ATOs. 

Pyramid takes place every year as part of the UTM Homecoming activities.  Pyramid consists of dancing choreographed routines to different songs, cheers and, pyramid building.  It is a combination of cheerleading and dance rolled into one.

This year was an exciting Pyramid competition.  All of the fraternities and sororities came out to participate and every show was full of energy and well put together. Every fraternity and sorority included cheers, dancing and pyramids in their routines.

The fraternities started out with the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sig Ep came out wearing jeans and white t-shirts with maroon sleeves and eagles on the front.  They included flips and somersaults in their routine and danced to such songs as We Will Rock You, Low Rider and I Love Rock and Roll.  They built pyramids that were difficult and crowd pleasing.

Next up were the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega. Wearing black pants and black shirts with the word ‘Taus’ written in gold on their chest, they came out full of energy.  They built pyramids that consisted of tossing people in the air. They cheered and danced to songs like Without Me, Shake Ya Tailfeather and Let Me Ride That Donkey Donkey.

Up next were AGR in khaki shorts and orange t-shirts with ‘AGR’ written in black. Their pyramids consisted of flips and jumps in the air. They danced to songs like Leavin’ and Ain’t No Where to Run. One of their dances included line dancing steps which had the crowd excited.

After a brief intermission came the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha.  They came out wearing black pants and black long sleeved shirts with silver ties. They topped off the ensemble with a black fedora hat. 

The Pikes did some UTM cheers and danced to songs including Pop, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Girls Don’t Like Boys Girls Like Cars and Money. They included some steps into their dance routine. Their pyramids were a variety of air tosses and flips, which also included a pyramid that spelled out IIKA, which had the crowd on their feet.

Next up were the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon wearing black pants and blue button up shirts. They did some UTM cheers and then danced to songs like Pony, Magic Stick and P.I.M.P.  The pyramids were complicated air tosses and building. They received a great reaction from the crowd.

At the end of their pyramid routine, they stripped off their blue shirts which revealed black t-shirts with ‘SAE’ written in white on the front that received cheers from the crowd.

Last but certainly not least were the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order.  Wearing khaki pants and black polo shirts, they danced to songs including Shake Ya Tailfeather, We Built This City, We Ride Spinners and Dixie Land Delight. The KAs did a line dance to Dixie Land Delight, which is considered the KA song. 

After some exciting pyramids and some more dancing, there were four KAs that took off the black polo shirts and one shirt had ‘UTM’ printed on the front in UTM colors, one shirt had ‘KA’ printed in red and gold, one shirt had the United States flag and the last shirt had the Tennessee flag.

After an intermission that had the UTM cheerleaders and the Martin Middle School cheerleaders entertained and astonished the crowd, it was the sororities turn to come and wow the crowd with their stunts, flips and tosses. 

After the intermission, the sorority division begain with the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi. 

They came out wearing blue and silver pants and blue and silver one-shoulder tops.  The pyramids were tall and showed off the flexibility of the girls. 

The dancing routine was a crowd pleaser and some of the songs that ADPi danced to were Crazy, Dirty and Miss Independent.

Next in the competition were the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi wearing black pants and black tops with sheer sleeves and ‘AOII’ in red on the front.

They also had black hats with red sparkle trim to top off the outfit. The pyramids showed flexibility and strength in their height and difficulty.  The AOIIs danced to songs such as Crazy and Dirty.

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha were up next and came out wearing black pants and an iridescent rainbow colored sleeveless top with a silver glove on their right hands. Dancing to songs including Cherry Pie, Glad, Crazy and Sweet Home Alabama, the girls had the crowd cheering.  Energy and flexibility was evident in the pyramids.

Last up for the sorority division was the sisters of Chi Omega. Coming out in black pants with a red and yellow stripe down the sides and black tops with red and yellow stripes on the sleeves and ‘Chi O’ on the front, the girls started out with a high energy dance routine. 

The Chi Omegas danced to songs like Girls, Girls, Girls, Shake Ya Tailfeather and Do That Thing.  The pyramids and UTM cheers had the crowd clapping with enthusiasm.