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Alpha Delta Pi gets the gold

Published (Volume 76, No. 3)

The Delta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi has done it again.  This summer at the annual ADPi convention in Georgia, the sisters received the coveted Blake Golden Lion Award for the second time.  Only seven Golden Lion chapters were represented at the convention and only one new chapter received Golden Lion for the first time.

The Golden Lion is awarded every two years to an ADPi chapter that has shown what it means to be a true ADPi in all areas.  Golden Lion is not something that a chapter seeks to receive, it is something they already are, something they represent, and something they will always be.  It is common for chapters to receive Golden Lion once, but it is difficult to receive it a second time, not to mention consecutively.  Delta Upsilon chapter is very proud to have received this award again and strives to receive it again in two more years.

It was also stated at the convention that Delta Upsilon chapter is ranked seventh out of 150 chapters in the United States and Canada.  They received awards for excellence in Scholarship, Total Membership Education, Alpha Education, Philanthropy, and the Harris Finance Award.  In addition, the chapter’s former recruitment advisor was elected to the Grand Council of ADPi, where she will oversee the finances of all ADPi chapters.